Proven mobility apps for municipal campaigns

Ready for cities to reward citizens and drive change


For free-form initiatives (use eBikes, take the bus, rest your car etc.)

Easy to set up, no prerequisites __

Cities create and manage campaigns themselves

Apps for simple quantitative collection of times, distances, number of trips


Focus on personal awareness & improvements

Complemented by campaigns/challenges

Top-lists and gamification (badges)

Fully facebook-integrated application

Citizens use facebook-web-app or mobile apps


Always-on tracking of traffic behaviour

Support for ‘good’ travel decisions

Rewards in individual Rewards-Webshop

City-specific optimization of intelligent tracking

Initial concept and preparation recommended

Details & Background


zwitch allows cities and organisations to promote campaigns or services that motivate citizens to use smarter modes of transport for their daily trips.
And it is that easy: Cities or organisation register and create an “incentive scheme”, for example “For every 10km you use an eBike, you receive 10 incentive points”.
By publishing the scheme, citizens can use the zwitch app on iOS or Android to document trips with the supported mode of transport. The app tracks the mode of transport used and the actual distance and counts incentive points based on the underlying incentive scheme.

Find more information here or check out the app here.


Commute Greener is a free Facebook app for Desktop, iOS and Android running on the EMPOWER mobility services infrastructure and tapping into the Facebook community as potential users.
The general idea of Commute Greener is to enter your normal commuting pattern as a baseline and then to make improvements against your baseline. Commute Greener does thus not make use of automated tracking and improvements need to be manually reported by the user once they occur.

By making improvements the user
+ gains incentive points
+ contributes to sponsored challenges
+ raises his/her social reputation by sharing with other users
+ becomes aware of the impact his/her improvements make (CO2 reduction and other indicators)

Find more information here.


SMART (Self Motivated And Rewarded Travel)  is a free App for citizens. SMART is a multi-modal travel assistant that rewards sustainable travel behaviour. Rewards can be gained by individual travellers taking on personal or group challenges to travel sustainably. The App tracks fully automatically the travel behaviour of a user. So a reward is never missed!  Moreover, the user gains direct insight into his/her individual travel patterns and impact on the environment. An integrated Appshop allows SMART users to redeem their rewards in (discounts on) local products and services. A web based-management portal allows city administrators to  define and manage challenges in a flexible and powerful  way and in line with city priorities and objectives. Moreover the management portal gives multi-modal statistics and heatmaps  of how people travel in the city. SMART: a powerful tool to create a win-win situation between individual life styles and associated travel behaviour, and societal challenges and city goals. Take a look at the app here


For up to 5.000 active users and more


Self-service city registration

Self-service campaigns

Self-service campaign & user administration

Apps for iOS & Android

Support & Maintenance

500 Euro /month

(+ optional support & services)

Facebook web app

Facebook apps for iOS & Android

Up to 5 campaigns


Support & Maintenance

200 Euro /month

(+ optional support & services)

Apps for iOS & Android

(+ campaigns)

(+ rewards web shop)

(+ city specific tracking optimization)

Support & Maintenance

2000 Euro / month

(+ extra cost for set-up/customization)

About us

The EMPOWER consortium of Horizon 2020

In our cities, many alternatives to individual car use already exist such as cycling, carpooling, public transit, electric vehicles and so on but why don’t more people use them? As travellers, how often do we sit in a traffic jam, frustrated and late for an appointment? As policy makers and transport planners, how do we encourage people to perceive these alternatives as being realistic options?

This website is an outcome of the EMPOWER project. EMPOWER sets out to substantially reduce the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles (CFV) in cities and recognises that a step change in driver behaviour is needed to improve urban traffic flows, increase air quality and reduce CO2 emissions and oil consumption. Adopting a ‘reward rather than punishment’ approach, EMPOWER will explore the use of positive incentives delivered through smart phone technologies and the web to persuade people to make modest shifts in their transport choices.

Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon2020 programme, the project combines empirical research with practical implementation in four Living Lab Cities and seven Take-Up Cities and Communities. Get involved as a Follower City or organisation, look out for the EMPOWER Toolkit and help EMPOWER reach 1 million people.

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